Inversion Tables Relieve Back Pain

Inversion tables are available from a range of companies. They are known to release tension from the back and stimulate the joints especially the ankles. Most inversion table has a tether strap to fasten the feet. They can be rotated at even a 90-degree angle. In this position, it’s even possible to do squats and sit ups. The table can also be motorized and therefore will need no adjustments. It’s not necessary to do full inversion if one is not comfortable with it. This is meant for athletes and those at the expert level.

Many feel that inversion may cause a rise in the blood pressure and the pressure in the eyes of a person when doing this physical study. However, according to the latest research, it has been concluded that you are as much as risk as you when you are up. Our body has natural mechanisms, which prevent damage while we are upside down. Even Yoga has exercises, which make you hang upside down, and Yoga is known to have positive effects.

The mat is usually of nylon material that can be easily washed. The table can also be stopped at any point where the person is comfortable. Inversion tables are required to meet the standards that are set for medical equipment. The inversion table should also have firm handlebars, which are non-slip. This helps the user to mount and dismount the inversion table. It’s important that the motion of the inversion table is smooth and therefore there should be good roller bearings, which will aid in the smooth jerk free motion.

Inversion tables will come with their own guides for the user and will also have at least a two-year warranty for most parts of the inversion table. You can look at the inversion table reviews as well as ratings on various websites before you decide to purchase one.

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